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TOP CV database rules

Terms of use

Top CV Database – the purpose of CV Database is to offer new job possibilities to prospective and qualified specialists using Personalo akademija's personnel recruitment.

Registered User – a person who has registered his CV in the TOP CV system and receives new job offers from the System Administrator in Personalo akademija's recruitment.

System Administrator is the responsible person at the Personalo akademija who has direct access to and development of the Database.

1. Confidentiality policy.
1.1. The CV information in the database is directly accessible only to the Registered Users and the System Administrator who is in charge of database developement.
1.2. Unregistered users and other third-party members can see the CVs without respective personal, contact and proffessional information.

2. The responsibilities and rights of the registered user.
2.1. Registered user admitting his CV in the database:
2.1.1. Agrees to aquisition of a login passwords for the administration of their CV data from the System Administrator;
2.1.2. Agrees to receive new job offers and up-to-date information related to professional and personal competences and career from the System Administrator;
2.1.3. Posts information that is relevant and reflective of reality in the respective CV;
2.1.4. Can provide tips and notes to the System Administrator to improve the performance and development of the database.

3. Responsibilities and rights of the System Administrator.
3.1. The System Administrator, while developing the Database, undertakes:
3.1.1. To keep the Registered User's CV data secret;
3.1.2. To nominate a Registered Candidate for recruitment only upon submission to the Registered User of information about a new job offer in a particular company and upon receipt of written consent from the Registered User;
3.1.3. To provide Registered Users with login passwords for administering their CV data;
3.1.4. To send an e-mail link of Registered User‘s CV to the Registered User after it has been admitted to the Database;
3.2. The System Administrator, when developing the Database, is entitled to:
3.2.1. Improve the functionality of the Database and the CV format also notifying the Registered Users about the changes;
3.2.2. Submit a proposal to update the CV to the Registered User;
3.2.3. Consulting the Registered User and editing Registered User‘s CV in order to improve the quality of the CV content.