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Brief about me
Self-motivated, experienced (20+ years) person. With deep expertise in Object Oriented programming. Strong background in designing databases. Developing software for industry. Good skills on various industry protocols. Participating on all stages of software development process.
An excellent communicator. A logical thinker, enjoying problem solving tasks. Pro-active and curious person. In all kind of the problems I go deeper. The challenges or any kind of problems for me are just invitation to solve them.
2013 - 2017
4 y.
Klaipėda University, Bachelor of Computer Science
Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences. Bachelor's thesis: “SIGNAL PROCESSING WITH LOW PRODUCTIVITY CONTROLLERS”. It was designed and implemented a fast acting real-time operating system.
General subjects: Mathematics, physics, databases, e-business, hypertext systems, computer systems, computer networks, object-oriented programming, operating systems, software systems engineering, real-time systems.
Job experience
2010.01 - 2018.01
8 y.
... (Company)
Engineer, R&D, DevOps
Currently employed as an Engineer at an Oil Refining. Main tools used at this company are: C, C++, Delphi, Various script languages, Databases. Also there is a need often to develop/maintain applications for PLC using Ladder language.
- Work time critical Oracle E-Business Suite (600GB) migration to another country (from Lithuania to Poland), at the same time the architecture was changed from Unix to Linux.
- Truck scales positioning system. After realization of this project there were eliminated the possibility of fraud and the employee’s work hours as well.
- Oil refinery security systems optimization. Different kinds of security systems were connected into one large integrated system. The most part of hardware was removed into virtual servers. There were installed and provided signals between virtual server and real world.
- Civil defense siren grid deployment. After the accomplishment of civil defense, the system is testing itself. This system informs about all the happened troubles to competitive persons earlier then the human can notice it. At the moment of happened error there is always specified the exact type and place of trouble.
2005.01 - 2013.01
8 y.
... (Company)
Independent Contractor
During the period of self-employment all the potential clients were found by myself. After the deep analysis of client’s current system there was always presented the solution of how to eliminate the problem in shortest terms.
- Train wash facility main PLC replace and optimization.
- Transmission of security system signals to the central console via network. At the time when this project was implemented on the market there were no such devices. After awareness of the need for such device I designed and implemented it. I had to program own real time operating system for 8bit Micro controller. The mathematical Goertzel DTMF detection algorithm was applied to integer numbers. The entire project was written in an assembler. I have published an article about this matter on social networks.
- The hydro turbine upper and lower water level registration.
- Wind turbine control system software design and deployment. The client selling wind turbines ordered an entire their automation system replacement. New control system was developed and installed. In the event of wind turbine’s failure a wide range of protections has been implemented. Improved wind capture algorithm. The turbines were connected into one common SCADA network.
2000.01 - 2011.01
11 y.
... (Company)
Project manager, R&D, Developer
- Designing CRM for Security Company. The client– server communication with client context stored on the server. Distributed server. Messages transferred via windows pipes. Server modules also communicate via windows pipes. RTTI. Firebird database. Written in Delphi.
- Network topology map editor. Visualization of large object (4 square kilometers) multiprotection systems with interactive control. It was implemented without the use of expensive visualization programs.
Language skills
Lithuanian Native language
Speaking Writing
English Good Good
Russian Very good Very good
Professional skills Databases: Firebird, Interbase, MySql, Microsoft Sql.
Backend Object-Oriented Paradigm, Delphi, C, C++.
Technologies Networking, Multithreading, Windows services, XML, Varoius GUI.
Group work Incident management (ITIL based), UML.
Other Microcontrolers, Assembler (PIC, AVR, ARM), Industrrial PLC.
Leisure, hobbies Actively participate in social activities.
Involved in professional activities.
Self learning activities.